Jalang’o About to Give Mainstream Media a Run For Their Money With His Wwn TV Station (Video)

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After quitting radio job at Milele FM, comedian cum radio host Jalang’o has been focusing on his YouTube channel that continues to grow each day.

With this new move, Jalang’o has come out to reveal that he will soon be changing the Bonga na Jalas channel; to an actual YouTube TV channel that will be airing news, sports, music and all sorts of entertainment!

This also means new job opportunities for the Youths who are willing to work with the media personality; and due to the high enough jobs many have applauded Jalang’o as seen on the comment section. Speaking about his plans, Jalang’o opened up revealing;

With how the YouTube channel is growing so fast, the Bonga na Jalas YouTube channel. What if we made it bigger and better. Now this is what i mean, Bonga na Jalas and the interviews I do just became a segment in the YouTube channel. For you guys who watch and think have a talent, I can have somebody do news, sports. I can have the comedian of the day, reviews…so that we can create opportunities for so many people to have themselves on Bonga na Jalas.

Jalang’o TV
According to Jalang’o, this will open an opportunity for jobless Youths stuck at home with certificates but no employment.

His idea is definitely what we call ‘thinking out of the box’ and even though he has proven to have his shortcomings; Jalang’o has given fans yet another reason for him to celebrate him for    being thoughtful.

Jalang’os quits radio job
In the video, he went on to add;

But then now we don’t call it Bonga na Jalas we call it Jalang’o TV. So on Jalango TV, so we have interviews, sports, music, DJ’s sending their mixtapes. Just like TV!

Watch the entire video below!

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