Jalang´o Sweetly Recalls How Girl he Liked Took Him out While he Was Still Broke and Rusty (Video)

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The past remains a memory, sometimes a place we never desire to go back to, other times it is a place we wish we could live in every single day.

Former Milele FM presenter, Jalang´o took us back to a time he was too broke and ashy to even afford to take care of the girl of his dreams.

Through his YouTube channel, the popular radio personality told of how: soon as he left his home in Homabay, to hustle in the busy streets of Nairobi, he had his first job at the National Theatre.

However, there was this girl he adored but he could not afford her. Jalang´o never gained the courage to approach her.

Things were really still very hard and I liked this girl so so much! From Homa Bay, this girl is brown, she´s beautiful and I´m like now, this is the woman I need. She knew very well I liked her and I loved her. But I was not of her class.

But sooner, rather than later, she realized his intentions for her and asked him to take her out for lunch.


You know Luos never get broke, I told her ¨Babe you know, I would have really loved to but I´m financially embarrassed¨.

The girl openly offered to be the one to take Jalang´o out and foot their meal bills.

So she took me to Seasons. I´d never walked in a restaurant like that. The menu was brought and the rule is simple – never order something bigger than whoever is paying. So she told me, have anything you want and I told her, I will order what you order. This is the first time I was seeing sizzling food. Nikaishika hivi, ikanichoma.

This was a story he told during his interview with Kenyan pop star, Nadia Mukami, as he tried to imagine how a gentleman can take a girl out and expect her to pay the bill.


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