On My first Date, I got Married,’ Kameme TV presenter Wangeci Wa Kariuki Opens up

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Kameme TV breakfast show presenter Wangeci wa Kariuki says she got married on her first date.

The mother of four says she got married five days after she did her form four exam.

She is doing well and has now become a household name to many Kameme TV viewers.

“When I met him, I was in form three but I lied to him that I was in form four. After KCSE that year, he travelled to Nyahururu to come pick me in school, but I wasn’t there,” she said in a YouTube interview with Wahu wa Kariithi.

The two did not talk for a while until when they met again through a friend.

“By then I was already done with high school. I got married on my first date after form four. I went to his house and he locked the door for me not to leave. That was the fifth day after form four,” she said.

The former Keroche’s assistant said she has always wanted to be an anchor.

“I have done so much, including working for the Keroche family. I left because I wanted to follow my passion, which is TV,” she said.

Her role model is Keroche CEO Tabitha Karanja.

“That woman is tough. It takes a lot of energy and courage to run such a company as she does. She gave me the chance to learn, but she is tough in terms of everything,” she said.

Wangeci has also faced the wrath of being bullied on social media after fans complained over her ‘skimpy dressing’.

“You know what, I lost my mum when I was in form two and she was the reason I was working hard in school. That shattered my heart and so I no longer get hurt by cyberbullying,” she said, adding that she is teaching her children how to handle bullies.

Her greatest fear is God and becoming poor.

“I pray and work hard for my children because I do not want them to grow in poverty,” she said.

Her message to young girls is to always look for a man who supports their dreams.

“A good husband is one who can give a woman a chance to have her space. An ideal man is one who supports your dream.”

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