Prezzo narrates how he got carjacked and shot in the head before his wedding day (Video)

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Kenyan showbiz rapper, Prezzo, born Jackson Ngechu recounted how he once almost lost his life in a night attack by thugs.

Before we start, Prezzo´s interviews somehow touch a soft spot in your heart – they completely change your perception about the rapper. If you judged him, you feel embarrassed and sorry that you did.

Moving on, the popular musician recalled how a group of thugs tortured him, stole from him and left him for dead on one Mother´s Day.

Speaking during his interview with The Play House, the celebrity narrated he had stopped by the bank on that fateful day to get some cash in order to treat his mother on her special day.

They drove to her place, gifted her some beautiful flower vase, before asking to leave but his mom insisted she needed to pray for his journey.

 This didn´t rub off well with Prezzo who was in a hurry but he just gave in.

The attack
Soon as they left his mom´s home, barely meters away, their car got hit from the back before they could realize these are thugs.

I came out fuming, the driver pulled out and he said ´sorry´. Kumbe they were thugs, kidogo kidogo four guys come out with straps and tie us to the back of our car.

 It felt disappointing for him to have planned his life so well for the last 5 years and just as he was about to marry, he gets carjacked.

They beat me up with the gun as I was shielding my guy who was like my younger brother. That time I was in Cobra Squad and the thugs mocked me for that.

They walked away with at least KSh 3.5 million from the artist´s jewellery but before they left, one of them looked back and fired to Prezzo´s head, leaving him for dead.

 He later got a taxi to Nairobi Hospital where he was stitched up.

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