Revealed! Why Ben Kitili’s Wife was Forced to End Their Relationship

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KTN political news anchor, Ben Kitili and his wife, Amina Mude´s split has been been considered mysterious, with the wife having battled one month of tears and pain.

Unknown to many, the couple has been having a rough last one month but after she could not handle it anymore, the curvy mother of two spilled the beans on their rocky marriage.

However, she failed to reveal the underlying factors that led to the unprecedented separation.

It has now emerged that the couple might have part ways after they could not close the gap of their religious differences. One that has received massive backlash and lack of support from family and society at large.

Additionally, an undisclosed source reportedly divulged that Amina opted to walk away because of her husband´s numerous infidelity scandals.

The two have had differences and Ms Amina has at times accused her estranged husband of cheating.

This comes barely days after the journalist´s wife admitted that her parents were not for the idea of her getting married to her long-time boyfriend, Kitili who professes the Christian religion.

Ms Amina however confirmed that over time and after much convincing, her parents learnt to accept her as she was and seemingly blessed their marriage.

Amina Mude and Ben Kitili´s roughly 2-year marriage and long-term relationship bore them a daughter, Ruby Kitili and son, Hami Kitili.

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