Singer Habida Shares her Cancer Results!

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Singer Habida recently opened up about a lump she recently found on her breast. After giving it much thought, she then met with a team of doctors who carried a test on her to confirm whether the lump was cancerous.

As seen on her Instagram page, Habida narrated how she watched her dad battle with the monstrous disease; and in the end he lost the battle but according to her. She went on to write;

Today after a long two weeks of pondering “what the hell is in my body” I had a biopsy at #centralmiddlesexhospital Thank God for the very friendly staff because there are not many things that scare me but dang “I was scared”.

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She went on to share details of her father’s struggle with the disease saying;

Seeing my father go through cancer was terrible, it is a terrible disease! And here I am with a lump in my breast! Lump in the name of Jesus you are benign! #breastcancer #superwoman #scared

Good news
However, earlier today the lady who doubles up as a mum and wife went on to make a new announcement on her page. After waiting for almost a week, Habida finally got her results back and to her surprise they came back negative.

The excited singer went on her IG page to announce the good news saying;

I’ve got my result! And it’s a fantastic “negative” result for cancer! I have had moments of fear, moments of faith, crying moments at the thought of death because of my children and then moments of confidence that God can do all things!

She went on to thank her Almighty for seeing her through this saying;

I realized that it’s only in moments of crisis do we prepare! I need God in all facets of my life! I need to prepare myself for trials in life because they WILL come. Why did I have to see death as a real potential before I choose to live? Why can’t we choose life and life more abundantly because that’s Gods will for us? I hope this instigates a thought in you about how you live

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