‘All Women Should Sleep Completely Naked, Force Husbands to Have S.ex’- Hon Rose Museo Says

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Makueni County woman MP, Rose Museo, is urging Kamba women to sleep “bolingo”. This, she says will help reduce rape cases, which she notes are escalating as a result of men being denied their horizontal rights, by their spouses

“Bolingo” means naked, without any barakoa, over the ATM, not even that catapult called the G-string, that which, city ladies wear for an underwear
She could be right. Someone observed that a good wife must ensure the husband leaves the house in the morning, with a very loaded stomach and a very empty magazine
Elsewhere, Embu County Commissioner, has also urged adult/married men, who admire school girls, to buy school uniform for their wives

Abdullahi Galgalo observed that this will stop the men from preying on school girls, a factor that has contributed to the high number of teenage pregnancies
Lastly, Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, says he was high on Jug Daniels, when he sighed the deed of transfer, that handed over several functions of the county to the national government

Ladies and gentlemen, if you sell a cow to your neighbour only to do for it the following morning claiming your animal while stating that you were drunk when you sold it, will they listen to you?

Seems the guys at State House knew his weakness and kept some alcohol in the gate and once he was ushered in, he was given a few glasses to confuse him, and that’s how he signed documents whose contents he had no clue

Now you can sleep. May Wanyonyi protect you from the pangaman who is waiting for you at dreamland

Adapted from Jerome Ogola FB page

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