COVID-19 Hits Closer Home, Uhuru Keen Among Those infected

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Uhuru’s keen is among those battling COVID-19, CS Cicily Kariuki lost her daughter and two cabinet secretaries are alleged to be positive of coronavirus (as per Itumbi. It is obvious, the virus is hitting much closer home. We must all be worried and do our individual best to be safe.

At 500 infections within 24 hrs, we are hurtling towards a total lockdown at an alarming speed. Was lifting the cessation of inter-county movements 12 days ago a good idea, really?

Now, it is obvious that the Covid-19 infections that were, earlier on, only rampant within Nairobi and Mombasa are freely and rapidly spreading to other parts of the country like bush-fire!

Most of the people who have been saying that the coronavirus isn’t real; that the government is cooking figures, are also slowly coming to terms with its existence, as it hits closer home.

If you don’t know anybody who has contracted the disease by now, you should at least know someone who knows someone who has contracted the virus.
Majority of Kenyans believe in the mantra “Seeing is believing.” Guys let’s not be the statistics that will be used as an example for others to believe.
Apparently, this disease attacks people with varying intensity. While some are lucky to get away with just a mild attack; it knocks all senses out of some. Just take care and keep safe.

Adapted from Gilbert O Kenya FB Page

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