Dear Hon Babu Owino, You Can Sue 1000times, Shoot Us All BUT Won’t Change Anything, you Remain a Cold Blooded Vampire

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Apart from informing, educating and entertaining, journalism also has a role in acting as a voice of the voiceless
NTV can’t be ruled out of order, for highlighting DJ Evolve’s plight. They were absolutely right and within their mandate
Those who find fault in what NTV did are sympathisers of impunity, who believe the rich must be given way. They are the ones who were wailing that the police had killed Baby Pendo

They wouldn’t hold the same opinion if Babu was a poor man
On the other hand, Babu can sue as many times or he can even shoot us all but that won’t change anything, and he remains a cold blooded vampire who thrives on human blood

I also hear it is a position of the Luo community to defend Babu, because even if Babu is mad, he is our madman
That’s an unfortunate position to say the least. Babu must carry his cross, his tribe notwithstanding

“But as the DJ continues to wait for justice, his family joins an increasing list of families, whose lives have allegedly been shattered by sins of prominent personalities, who continue to evade punishment courtesy of a crooked judicial system”
This in an excerpt from today’s Daily Nation

The judiciary is evidently rotten to the narrow, but strangely we are told the integrity of the man who sits at it’s apex, one Justice Kenani Maraga aka Baba Shantel, is as beyond reproach, as that of Caesar’s wife

The same article captures how Babu is gloating around the social media even warning others to “stop pushing for their funerals”
In a state where the criminal justice system works, these would be grounds for cancellation of bail, but here, Babu is exceptionally confident like a squirrel which has just seen a hole, because in a Maraga’s court, the squirrel in Babu, has a reliable hideout

By Jerome O via Facebook

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