Dear Uhuru, You Mean Otieno’s Role is to Sing NOBODY CAN STOP REGGAE, Can’t Sale Hospital Beds to Government?

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By Albert Amenya
I always advise LUOs hii mambo ya kujipendekeza kwa serikali waachane lakini hawaskii. Otieno makes a decent hospital bed but it’s recognition is confined within the streets of social media. No government official visits him, not even mzee was mtaa.

A week later, Mungai copies him but makes a shoe rack in the name of hospital bed halafu the next minute serikali yote inaanguka huko. Gafla bin vuu, Kamau anapewa tender ya kutengeneza 500 beds. Who is fooling who? Asked, Luos as Miguna Miguna says are happy because Baba is in government. At least Dr. William Ruto promoted those LUOs that made those benches by buying five of them. When government appointments are awarded, LUOs feature nowhere.

Kazi Yao ni kuimba BBI na kutuambia vile Uhuru is too young to retire. LUOS praise Uhuru more than KIKUYUS do. Wenzenu wakikula, nyinyi ni REGGAE mnaimba tu. DID YOU KNOW THAT GOVERNOR SONKO HAS SINGLE HANDEDLY HELPED AND PROMOTED MORE LUOS THAN THE GOVERNMENT OF KENYA? Let me remind them that ile shock inawangojea 2022 bado inakunywa uji ndio ikue strong. Sasa anzeni kutukumbusha ile wimbo ya BBI. Henceforth, my new name is BANANA PEDDLER NJUGUNA🤣🤣

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