Desperate DP Ruto copied Mike Sonko’s vipindiree strategy to dupe the poor, but backfired immediately

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Deputy President William Ruto has resorted to Mike Sonko’s ‘vipindiree’ to reach out to the real hustlers by dishing out millions to the youth in the slums. He still believes the hustler narrative will power his race to Statehouse come 2022.

VIPINDIREE is a slang word for VIPINDI or drama staged to dupe or make the masses believe that you have their interests, basically you initiate actions or plan for events that appeals to the less fortunate in the society, basically taking advantage of the situation by to make them believe that you share their pain and if they elect you then you will sort them.

Mike Sonko’s vipindiree saw him elected into Parliament (Makandara) and later into Senate and Governor where he got votes beyond the known borders of tribe and political affiliation. There are many ODM supporters who voted for Mike Sonko in the 3 elections (MP, Senator and Governor) just as were many Kikuyus who voted him in the Jubilee nominations vanquishing Peter Kenneth out of Nairobi politics.

Back to DP Ruto, he has opened his purse to various youth and women groups in a fight back strategy to raise his profile ahead of 2022. He has even changed his wardrobe , what with the orange trouser and leather jacket and goatie? well, that Orange trouser (pant) is a USA federal prison uniform. His son George is said to be behind the dress code in a bid to attract the youngsters.

Ruto has donated shoe shining stands, laundry machines, salon items, tailoring machines, water tanks and welding machines. He has also given out car washing machines, motorcycles, animal feeds and sewing machines. Governor Sonko did the same and even had Water distribution lorries to supply water in the slums, he also run the Sonko Rescue team that basically sorted those in the slums with almost everything, be it weddings, funeral, medical etc.

The second-in-command, who has fashioned himself as the leader of the poor majority, is reaching out directly to the people after losing favour with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

But his critics have laughed off his rebranding and accused him of using state office to gain political mileage.

In recent weeks, the DP has hosted hundreds of women and youth groups at his Karen office.

He has met groups from Embakasi Central, Starehe, Dagoretti South, Embakasi North, Embakasi West and Langata constituencies.

On June 18, he decried the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on small and micro enterprises run by the youth and women.

Well, his strategy will fail, for he doesnt understand Nairobi well, he has never lived in Eastlands, he doesnt speak the language of the people of Eastlands, he is not one of them. Calling the youth to his office and Karen home cannot compare to Mike Sonko who actually was on the ground in the slums, his Sonko Rescue Team staff were from the staff.

Langata MP Hon Nixon Korir is said to be behind the idea that many see as being selfish since most of the beneficiaries are from his constituency. Korir has no chance of being re-elected, he is an outright ‘kifaranga cha Komputa’. He is trying but it will take a while for him to gain foothold in the city.

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