Finally Senator Sakaja Has a Scandal of His Own, He Can now Contest for Governor Seat Just Like Other Top Criminals

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Jerome Ogola via FB

I was worried about Senator Sakaja’s political future, when it emerged that he had thrown down the gauntlet, ready to battle for the city’s gurbenatorial seat
His future looked very bleak and very uncertain, because his candidature was deficient of one qualification, mandatory for one to win any political seat in this country and mostly Nairobi’s governorship

He didn’t have a scandal of his on, and this is an irreducible minimum for those contesting political positions
Now this is a good start. He must now up his game to catch up with the Kideros and the Sonkos, the sharks of that sea. This is a scandal, yes but we need one that involves billions of shillings

As I’ve said before, when you steal tens of millions you qualify to be an MCA, and when you steal hundreds of millions, you are an MP/senatorial material
If you steal in a few billions you are a gurbenatorial material and if you steal in tens of billions, you are counted among the serious presidential contenders, those with realistic chances

You steal nothing you will not win anything. A political seat to you, will remain a dream you will never achieve, even in dreams
Apart from having a scandal of your own, you must also have money for handouts because when elections come, Kenyans abandon their farms to camp at the trading centres with their palms stretched, for alms

You don’t give them, they can even beat you up. They also declare you a very serious joker
Thank you Hon Sakaja, for affording a scandal of your own. You are now QUALIFIED

In other news, it is sad that Shirandula did what he referred to as “kujikaza na kujikakamua” and built himself a multi million maisonatte, in his Busia home
Those who attend funerals to critique the houses of the dead, today came back empty handed. What a disappointment?
Hongera Papa, even if posthumously

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