Frankie Just Gym It takes Corazon Kwamboka for first public date (Video)

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YouTube couple, Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka were forced to hide from the public eye, back when they started dating for fear of giving fans all sorts of conclusions.

The duo was however not able to crack the puzzle with Internet DCIs taking over and patching together photos of the two in the same location and there were no more secrets.

Frankie and Corazon decided to go full-scale on it by going public about their secret affair that has left them expectant of a child.

So now, Frankie is finally able to treat his girl out in public without any reservations because there is nothing more to hide.

Sharing this on his Vlog, the fitness coach revealed he was taking the curvy lass out on their first-ever date.

I’m taking Corazon for her first date because since we met, we had to like put everything under wraps because we don’t want people to like interpret things their own things. But now that we’re out in the public, I can finally take her for lunch and all that. I know it’s definitely gonna be a nice one, relaxed and free.

 The Date
True to it, the date seemed like quite some fun, apart from the loneliness due to the current Covid-19 restrictions but either way, the lovebirds had the place all to themselves.

The couple shared some pasta with some chilled drinks as Corazon struggled to use the chopsticks admitting she is “a village girl”.

 Frankie was there to help out, as the two laughed the afternoon away but either way, these two had a great time.

Fans eager to see more of such vibes from the expectant couple, urged them on to keep treating them with tasty vlogs and keeping it real.

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