If Raila Asks me to Chose a 2022 Worthy Opponent He Will Beat and Smile, I Pick Ruto Without Batting an Eyelid

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By Onyango Ochieng Jr.

“Rambunctious” Ruto. This man has a few qualities that I greatly admire.

1. He is a political dynamo with energies strong enough to pierce the thickest armor. Think about it, if you out Uhuru and Raila, the remaining bland breed of politicians ganged together from Mombasa to Nadapal will be a sure walkover for Ruto. I can bet my neck on this.

2. He is a cheerful giver. Known as the “walking blank cheque” this self-made Nandi gladiator gives without a second thought and does so without sliding into a crisis. I know many of you will rush to cite corruption; but in a nation, extremely bankrupt of integrity where even kids in the womb are conceived out of corruption, very very few would pass unblemished if we ran a Corruption DNA test. I know, and verily believe he embodies the message in 2 Corinthians 9:7.

3. He has a spellbinding personality if you decouple the element of interest from politics. This has seen Ruto stage some of the most shocking surprises in elections. To this end, I credit him singlehandedly for the harvest of MPs by then URP and Jubilee, especially in Western. In 2013 I met two freshly-elected URP MPs from Teso, and their confession caught me flat-footed. The man is ever-evolving in our highly fluid politics.

Now, why did I choose to sprinkle confetti of praises on Ruto on this beautiful Sunday despite the fact that my support for Raila is stronger than a nuclear bomb?

One of the ladies I loved the most in my life one time dumped me. But instead of getting annoyed or convulsing into depression, I embarked on a dispassionate scientific study to find out what was so good about the love-grabber, the romantic crook, the smooth-operating gangster who snatched her off my fingers. My intention was simple – to intelligently establish what was so good about him than me, to have swept the sexy siren away. I needed intellectually-vetted answers.

It is good to appreciate your opponents where they score; where they make beautiful passes and where they seem to enjoy a tactical advantage. Till then, you can have an accurate idea of what you face ahead and plan better.

The Greek philosopher Plato says Philosophy begins when we challenge our self-held beliefs, opinions, and generally accepted truths/axioms.
If Raila were to ask me to pick an opponent for him any day at the ballot; I will pick Ruto without batting an eyelid.

Ruto is a worthy opponent, unlike those other confused handclappers and hewers of firewood masquerading as presidential candidates.
Ruto even has a WAR COUNCIL -strategic thinktank to guide his bid; while some of those comedians out there pretending to want presidency are surrounded by overrated gossipers driven by visceral hate like radicalized terrorists.

Hats off Dr. Ruto, you are a credible opponent.

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