It’s About Time Churchill Spoke Up on the Serious Allegations Touching on His Show

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Time and time again, we’ve seen comedians coming out to protest about what goes on behind the scenes at Churchill Show – which airs on NTV.

More often than not, they always complain about the meager pay that they get after performing on the show, other times it’s about how hard it is to get a chance to go on stage.

However, it seems things keep getting worse. If you are an avid internet user then I am sure you heard that one of the show’s comics whose name is Kasee died under unclear circumstances on his way home a few days ago.

But he is not the first Churchill Show comedian who has passed away under mysterious circumstances. Sometime a comic identified as Njenga Mswahili was found dead on the Dagoretti rail tracks.

I don’t know about you but this pattern is really worrying and I’m happy that former Churchill Show comedians like Zeinabu Zeddy have decided to shed light on this matter.

Through an Instagram post, she revealed that a good number of them are depressed because of the show’s Creative Director Victor Ber who seems to derive joy from frustrating them.

She claimed that other than begging Ber, who is Teacher Wanjiku’s husband, for a chance to go on stage, he makes them feel worthless by dismissing them at his pleasure.

I’m sure there are other comedians who have gone through the same but for one reason or the other, they are afraid of speaking out.

However, what really surprises me is Churchill silence. When the two comedians died he sent a condolence message through his social media pages and that was it.

He has never come out to address the mistreatment claims or uttered a word about the little pay that the comedians get and you know it makes me wonder if we are just going to lose more lives while we sit back and watch

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