Kamene Goro Narrates How She Was Conned Sh 60,000 While Trying to Save Her Marriage

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Kiss 100 presenter Kamene Goro was conned Sh60,000 while trying to save her marriage.

Kamene said she sought the services of a private investigator and paid him the full amount but he never delivered the work.

 “The person who conned me was in Nairobi but I had acquired these services from TZ. I was in Tanzania and some information had come out about my phone line and they had given this information to my husband then.

It was insinuating to the fact that I was being unfaithful, but those were not my texts, all of the information was fake. I told him this is not me but he wouldn’t listen.

We disagreed, I’m on the other side of the border, my marriage is about to go down the drain over something that is not true.

I told him we give me two days, I’m going to look for a private investigator (PI) in Nairobi who is going to run the same checks on my phone.

I googled top PI’s in Nairobi and I got the number. I called, I said my name is so and so I have this problem I feel like from the reviews I have seen you are pretty good at it, will you help?

He said, “Sure it will cost Sh60,000.” I said cool but why is expensive? he said, “If you want results really quick its going to cost Sh60,000.”

I was desperate, my marriage was coming to an end, I went to the bank and removed the money in Tanzanian shillings, converted them to Kenya shilling and sent it to him Sh60,000 via Mpesa.

He said in the next 12 to 24 hours he will send the information. I received a text message he was asking for my email address to send me the documents.

Until today, I’m still waiting, my marriage is already gone.”

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