Kenya receives some medicine from the Tanzanian Government that MAGUFULI claims is a cure for Coronavirus – It will be tested by KEMRI

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The Tanzania Government has sent bottles of some exclusive medicine to Machakos Governor, Dr Alfred Mutua, to help him fight Coronavirus in his County.

Speaking on Tuesday, Mutua said that he had sent one of the bottles of the alleged COVID-19 “cure” to the Machakos Research Labs and another to the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) for studies on its efficacy.

Taking to his social media platforms, Mutua said that if the drug will be approved by the research agencies, it could be tried on COVID-19 patients.

“Tanzanian COVId-19 cure?”
“I have received bottles of medicine being used in TZ for COVID-19 treatment.”
“I am giving one to the Machakos Research Labs and sending the other to KEMRI so that they can study the contents and if approved, even try it on patients, we save lives,” Mutua stated.

This came two weeks after President John Magufuli declared the country coronavirus-free and attributed prayers to his great success.

The controversial Head of State said prayers had worked wonders in Tanzania noting the East African country was a “safe” destination for tourists.

“We decided to pray to God to save us from COVID-19.”
“He has answered our prayers.”
“Tanzania is safe and this is evident by the many airlines that are bringing in tourists,” Magufuli stated

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