LEAVE AKOTHEE’S SISTER ALONE. You are shouting yet unagawa kama konyagi, no education, no nothing, just pussy, lipstick, attitude and weave

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By Aoko Otieno

Buckle up, this might be long.

As someone whose writing has been misconstrued as “rambles, rants and projections of a bitter women-basher from a miserable family background “(Yeah, that is the latest diagnosis feminists, cougars and unregulated pH peddlers have bestowed on me) I feel compelled to add my voice on the Cebbie Koks (is that the spelling?) issue

I knew Akothee’s sister a few years ago when I was a correspondent for the Standard Newspaper in Migori. She was an intern at the Governor’s Press Unit. The only time I ever engaged her was when the Nairobian wanted me to interview Akothee and I thought I could get her through the Sister-I did not succeed. I have seen her on my wall a couple of times but we are largely strangers.

But I take the dock today in the court of social media where the jury is too quick to pass judgment. And I will defend this woman. If not for anything, I resonate with her experience.

As a correspondent and columnist, I became an easy target for keyboard paladins and vessels of hate masquerading as bloggers and supporters of politicians; I do not know who told some of these oiks that to hurt a woman, then make claims that she has fucked so and so. That line can only hurt these pretenders and conservatives, not a sexually liberated woman like Aoko. I have never been sexually assaulted, every time I sat on a Phallus, it was willingly. You can never use what I enjoyed to hurt me. HOWEVER, just make sure I DID IT. Not an affair conjured out of a figment of your lousy imagination.

I feel for Koks, especially being accused of having slept with a politician just because your job placed you within their vicinity. I have been there. But girl, chin up, rumors are peddled by trash and believed by losers.

On her issue with her sister, maaaan, show me a perfect family. Just one. A girl had a “pillow” moment with her lover, don’t we all have those moments where we just open our hearts to that one person who doesn’t judge us, our background, our past and is more aligned to our present and future?

Whatever it is, those two are BLOOD SISTERS. There are some bonds not even online euphoria can severe. So focus on your own family.

On issue of dating a married man. I come from a polygamous family. My mum is the GOAT wife. Funny that despite being the first wife’s child, I am pro polygamy. I have posited the same here, I have written about it during my Nairobian column days (go to google and search for this article: It is good to be wife number two)

Men have their own reasons for marrying second, third wives. A man goes where the clap is loudest, who knows maybe my step mum clapped harder… I do not give a shit. Was my dad a good father? Just look at how I turned out and how I give props to guys. Was my mum a good mother? If anything happens to that woman, I would not live long. She is literally my battery. They were/are excellent parents- THAT IS WHAT MATTERS TO ME. What they are to each other as husband and wife is THEIR BLOODY EFFING BUSINESS. What I will be as a wife to my man is what is important to me.

I am a very pragmatic person. I do not complicate things. African men are innately polygamous. Oh, your man is different? Maybe. But yours might not have officially married your co-wife like our fathers were bold enough to do without being killed in their sleep because our mothers weren’t deranged hags, but be sure, the chances that he has a woman by the side are high.

Men are not clothes that are hanged and stolen from the clothesline. There is nothing like HUSBAND SNATCHER. That is bullshit coined by insecure women. A man is a sane human being capable of thinking and making his decisions. If he wants another woman, engaging functionally illiterate oafs like Obare will not stop him from getting another woman. Look at the caliber of women going to him for exposes, bottom of the gutter cunts. Birds of a feather. You think he is for you because he gets smashed from behind? He is a lousy extortionist and fake TMZ wanabe. He is thriving because most young women who consume his ‘tea’ are simpletons with zero purpose in life. Focused women cannot follow such jugs of phlegm. They follow serious people like Aoko…kkkkkkkk

Well raised women understand that the oilskin of the house is not for rubbing into the skin of strangers. It is callous, juvenile and silly to make your man the subject of discourse by strangers just because you are attempting to stop him from an affair. Talk over issues or walk away- drama is for low lives.

Lol, personally, a man being married is not a deal breaker for me. Yap, can I take that again? I care about a man’s character and brain. The rest is details that can be handled. Hakuna mahali utanipeleka, utanifanya nini? Si you will just read that then judge me, insult me then? What will change?

Cut Cebbie some slack. Jalang’o, Mwakideu and co are quickly let off the hooks as bulls yet you vilify women as if they screw themselves. Kwendeni.

Besides, Koks is not an apartmento type. Girl has her Masters and is doing great as a Marketer. Do not dim her stars just because her heart chose to love. Credible word is that she has been with that man for four years and he is serious about marrying her as a second wife. Koks, hold on to that man. Good men are few and they come in different packages- some as married. Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu is a second wife. Sabina Chege is a second Wife. Catherine Waruguru was a second wife until pesa za Affirmative Action got into her head. The list is endless. Many of you here especially from Western and Nyanza are sons and daughters of second/third wives and are here spewing nonsense.

This matter should now rest. LEAVE CEBBIE ALONE. You are shouting yet wewe unagawa kama konyagi, no education, no nothing, just weave, lipstick, attitude and pussy. At least Koks is educated and focused. And maybe that is what that man is crazy about

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