Radio Maisha’s Mwende Macharia Needs to Hire an Image Consultant

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Radio Maisha’s Mwende Macharia is one woman with clearly exquisite tastes but she cannot seem to put her taste together in a presentable fashion.

In truth, a quick gander at her IG account quickly reveals that her wardrobe is filled with items of clothing and accessories that not only high fashion but of excellent quality but whenever she wakes up in the morning, she falls into her wardrobe and exits it wearing mismatched outfits that seldom go together.

Mwende MachariMwende Macharia in ill-fitting evening wear

Mwende Macharia is often the victim of the delusion that simply because a person is wearing a name-brand clothing item or simply by wearing expensive articles of clothing, you are automatically a well-dressed individual and she dispels that same assumption.

 And the problem with this assumption is that more often than not, it is proven wrong yet we can all see the promise of better, the hint of the possibility to become better dressed. And that is why Mwende Machari needs an image consultant.

Mwende MachariaThis dress doesn’t go well with her sneakers

In truth, she needs someone who can point out the fact that some of the colour schemes she selects do not go together well. Also, there is the issue of her wearing clothes several sized too small or not suited for her body type.

 Mwende Macharia would do well to hire an image consultant who can work with her to create a style that she can work on and that fit different occasions. This is especially helpful if she happens to have a preference -which we have noticed in her case is for boots.
So she can rock boots that go well with dresses, she can rock coats that go with boots and she can also learn how to dress down with said boots.

Mwende MachariaMwende Macharia in terrible athleisure wear

But this demands a level of humility to realize that she does indeed need professional help to put her killer articles together to make a hell of a statement. But the way life is set up, I am about to be called out for being a hater.

Even the sunglasses she chooses rarely work well with her face and clearly this is her way to be edgy but in truth she needs help selecting frames that work with her face. But you really do need to have friends who can call you out which I am beginning to realize is a rarity in this day and age.

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