Safaricom ‘KICKS OUT’ board Chairman Nicholas Nganga, APPOINTS Michael Joseph new chair, to save clueless CEO Ndegwa

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East Africa’s telco giant Safaricom has appointed Michael Joseph as its new board chairman. This follows the retirement of Nicholas Nganga after 16 years at the helm of the board (forced to retire?).

The telco giant is expected to make the announcement public during its annual general meeting on Thursday at 11 am.

The chairman is responsible for the operation, leadership and governance of the Board, ensuring its effectiveness and setting its agenda. Joseph’s fast experience is meant to save the new CEO who many view as clueless in the industry having gained much of management experience as an Accountant at East Africa’s premier brewer EABL

Michael Joseph is the former Chief Executive officer of Safaricom PLC, a position held from July 2, 2019 to March 31, 2020.

He joined the board on September 8, 2008. Joseph is employed by Vodafone Group Services Limited as the Director of Mobile Money.

He is also Vodafone’s Strategic Advisor appointed to the Boards of Vodacom Group South Africa, Vodacom Tanzania and Vodacom Mozambique. He is also the Chairman of Kenya Airways.

Previously, Michael was the CEO of Safaricom Limited from July 2000 when the company was re-launched as a joint-venture between Vodafone UK and Telkom Kenya until his retirement in November 2010.

During his tenure, he steered the company from a subscriber base of less than 20,000 to over 16.71 million subscribers.

This phenomenal growth straddling nearly a decade was motored by the launch of many innovative products and services such as M-Pesa.

Today, Safaricom is one of the leading companies in East Africa and one of the most profitable companies in the region.

He also has an Honorary Doctorate degree (Doctor of Letters) from Africa Nazarene University, bestowed to him in recognition of his contribution to the growth of Safaricom from very humble beginnings to becoming one of the most innovative, influential and profitable company in the East African region.

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