See how UHURU disappointed Kenyans after he declined to lock the country down over the surge of Covid19 – Is he taking lessons from MAGUFULI?

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 President Uhuru Kenyatta declined to lock down the country yesterday despite a surge in Covid-19 cases.

This was contrary to expectations of many Kenyans that the President would put the country on total lockdown to reduce the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

While delivering a national address from State House, Nairobi, after a meeting with Governors, the Head of State explained that the ball was squarely in the court of Kenyans to exercise their responsibility.

He further noted that locking the country down at this point would not help curb the spread of the disease.

“Locking down the country will not help,” Uhuru asserted.  

Uhuru made this decision even as the country recorded its highest rise in Covid-19 cases in a single day on Sunday, July 26, with 960 new cases from over 8,000 samples.

He urged citizens to hold each other accountable especially with an increase in those caught breaking Ministry of Health directives.

“I did reduce some measures we had taken and reminded everyone that the government response was made along another call – the call on individual responsibility,” he stated.

The President also noted that the low fatality rate was giving Kenyans false comfort that the pandemic was not serious.

“We are not immune or special.”

“The fact that other countries don’t report what happens in their countries doesn’t mean they are not suffering, for us we are an open society.”

“We report everything. Our media is free,” he noted

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