SONKO’s Documentary Opens the Eyes of Kenyans; Shows Great Untold Things He’s Done in Nairobi

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Justine Tiego narrates:

Wow I just finished watching Governor Sonko’s 1hr documentary on KTN, and trust me that guy has done so much, it’s just that we are never shown what he does, he has done way too much than his predecessor Mr Kidero.

The roads he has constructed, the computer training centers, the markets, the stadiums and the hospitals he has refurbished, the businesses he has started for women in different parts of Nairobi, the hustles he has set-up for jobless young people, he has started two schools that assist former strest boys that choose to give education a try and there was this former streetboy in one of the schools that scored 410marks, and i was like oh my God what a pleasant surprise, so that should tell you that even the quality of education there isn’t that obscure if kids can score such high marks, he is currently constructing a streetboys rehabilitation center and besides it, there’s a construction going on of a manual jobs training center, ranging from carpentry, embroidery, tailoring, mechanics etc and it will have a capacity of 3,000 students, so you can imagine how huge it is.

To me this guy has done so much and he actually doesn’t deserve the kind of treatment he is getting now from both the national government, ill motivated individuals and many other quarters i won’t mention here.

Yes Kidero was smart and learned, he had two degrees and a doctorate, but honestly i can’t remember what he ever did that was tangibly visible like the many things Mr Sonko has done, with his small education as people put it, he has done all that, what if he had doctorates like some other braggarts out here? I leave that for you to crack.

So people should just leave this guy alone, for me he is a performer, i don’t know about the other noises of what he stole and what he did not steal, this guy is much better than so many big merciless thieves we know in this republic, at least we have seen his work, and in case you haven’t, that’s your own problem my friend.
Yes he is not an angel, but as a human, he has really tried, at least when you look at what he has done in the prism of his predecessor did which is completely nothing according to me.

I wish they can just let this friend of the lowly continue with his noble work in peace, he at least identifies with the real hand to mouth hustlers and the wanyonge of this City, so wawache wanyonge wafanyiwe kazi na mmoja wao, someone that despite being a billionaire is down to earth, i used to detest him some time back-👇👇👇

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