Tanasha Donna Admits Receiving Sexual Advances From Her Bosses

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Tanasha Donna is one woman who has scaled the heights, defying the odds and breaking the glass ceiling in a male-dominated world.

The just 25-year old, has been a victim of trolls, cyberbullying, backlash, hate…name it! But she has risen amidst it all, proven she can be her own boss, rule her Queendom and adjust her crown when it slips.

Having bagged 1.5 million views on her latest jam Sawa, she admitted it has not been anything easy, being a female, mother and doing it all solo. Being behind every single step of her projects, trying to convince bosses in boardroom meetings who would instead thirst over her.

But its the fruits she has reaped in the struggle that brightens her days, lights a candle in her heart.

Being your own boss is TOUGH I tell you, BUT when you see the fruits of your hard work finally blossom & grow into something amazing you know you’re BLESSED & become GRATEFUL.

Well, she has revealed she is coming back bigger and better, collaborations both local and global – like something we haven’t seen yet.

I feel like I’m literally done recording for the year now. Weh! 😂😅 Just busy with visuals now!

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