To Most Women a Short, Ugly, Rich Man With a Tummy is Ten Times Sexy Than a Tall, Well Educated Broke Dude

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By Silas Gisiora Nyanchwani

Any time I go out with women and my rich friends happen by, I am always reduced to a fly on the wall. I almost become an invisible man. The rich guys who have the humour skills of a wet broom and the intellect of a hungry mosquito excite these women to no end. It has never mattered if they are Oxford educated or she is a hot 20-something who dropped out of a catering course when she started dating some rich guy who rented her an apartment in some peripheral estate in Nairobi. I never grumble. I just chill. Knowing that in a few weeks, one of the girls will call to ask me what is wrong with any of the rich guys, having been hit and left. The carnage those guys leave behind is no joke. When I was a good guy, I would nurse their wounds and comfort them. Girls are surprisingly resilient.

So, when a female friend recently told me that older men prefer younger women who they can control because older women know their stuff and can call a man to account, I had to ensure she wasn’t high on something. Because nothing could be further from the truth.

She cited some article from the a British newspaper saying that older men don’t like younger girls because they have perkier bodies and such…I told her to hold my beer.
I usually see lies older women tell themselves as they become socially invisible with age. An older woman and a broke man are in the same WhatsApp group.
I assured the woman that we don’t go for young girls because we can control them. No. I have been with young girls and it is an entirely different experience.

Women leverage on money when looking for a guy. I may have the brains, maybe the height, and the education, but a short, ugly, rich man with a tummy is ten times sexy. To nearly all women.
And men leverage on the youth of women. The older a man gets and the richer he is, the more he wants a nubile 20 year old to make him feel whole again. There is so much psychology that explains this and you can dig it.

It is never because sijui the younger girls are foolish. They are not. In fact some of them are very smart and always make better choices than some older women I know.
So, same way, women are ruthless in dismissing broke men, same way men go for younger women when they make money.
It is never personal.

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