Uhuru’s BIG DILEMMA: To Declare Total Lockdown over Covid-19 or not?

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By Jerome Ogola via Facebook


44 out of 47 counties have confirmed cases. The best measure now is to lock the three counties that remain coronavirus free

They are Baringo, West Pokot and Samburu

We are also coming to a point when we may consider isolating those who are negative, to prevent them them, from contracting the virus, that’s when we will have more positive than negative cases

We must heed the directive by the CS, and act abnormally, to stop this thing

I’ve said earlier, we the wildebeests have now come to the Mara River, and the crocs are set and ready

We are sure a majority will safely wade through the water, but we are also aware that a tiny majority will be eaten

The problem is that we don’t know who will be eaten and that’s why as we cross the water, we are keenly listening to our feet, for the teeth of the crocodile

They also say that those with underlying conditions are more vulnerable, but again how will a hoof eater know that he has any such conditions?

We are the people who never go to any hospital. I told you when a hoof eater suffers a throbbing headache, he would rather buy chai na mandazi mbili, than seek medication, with the few coins in his pocket

The headache will always take care of itself. It is only when we are in a critical condition, that we are pushed on a wheelbarrow, to the nearest CDF dispensary

Some hoof eaters even have holes in their hearts but they don’t know. They are too busy drinking busaa in the villages, to be worried about a failing heart

A friend called Kabogo, lives without one major organ, in his body. Long ago, after a serious dose of Jug Daniels, he vomited some meat, despite having eaten only githeri, in the last one week

What else could that be, if not one of his body organs? It must’ve been a pancreas or a liver, but the guy is alive to date, a decade later

He even says he feels much lighter and healthier

Never underestimate the capabilities of a hoof eater. With corona, we hoof eaters may not know if we have any underlying conditions, but again, we aren’t scared of anything, including death, because one cannot be poor and be a coward at the same time

Great afternoon my fellow hoof eaters!!

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