Wedding of The Year Indeed! Esma Platnumz Gorgeous Princess Like Wedding Gown Leaves Tongues Wagging Online (Photos)

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Esma Platnumz who is the big sister to Bongo super star Diamond Platnumz; and hubby Yahya held a small but expensive wedding on Thursday, 30 July in Madale as revealed on social media.

This being the second wedding, Esma’s family definitely went all out for their daughter; and unlike the first one where Diamond Platnumz and mama Dangote did not attend – this time around they made sure to be present and boy was it lit.

 From the photos shared on social media, we understand that Esma stepped out in 3 different wedding attires; however what caught many people’s attention is her princess like outfit that has left many women denying of envy!

 Being the only daughter of Mama Dangote, the  singers mother ensured that everything set for her daughter’s wedding was perfectly done; and judging from the deco – there is no doubt that they must have spent about Ksh 1 million and counting!

Being a family that appreciates and imitates the Indian culture; Esma and hubby also happened to have the Asian vibe going on during their union – and this can be seen in the outfits won by most people who attended the wedding.

Away from that, Esma’s princess like outfit is what may have been the highlight of the day as she clearly left everyone else in the room looking like peasants. Anyway check the new Mr and Mrs Yahya below!

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