Why DP Ruto doesn’t trust Hon Moses Kuria and the Mt Kenya tanga tanga brigade

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I AM told and I have been told several times before that William Ruto (yes I have mentioned him again) does not trust Moses Kuria.
OKEY, its this way; Ruto does not trust any of those Kikuyu boys and girls who surround him. When he has something deep to cut with some inner circle, he deals with a small group of Kalenjin men.- not even women.

But the case of Moses Kuria is worse. Even when Ruto comes out of the Kalenjin circle to deal with Kikuyu friends, he doesn’t count Kuria among them.
Kuria is known to be too mouthy. Kalenjins are very secretive they don’t like a very mouthy guy in their deep stuff especially when he is not one of them.
But Kuria is even more suspected by other Kikuyu leaders in TangaTanga. They tend to think he is in it for something bigger than their own. Kuria is the only one in TangaTanga who publicly announced Presidential ambitions 2022.

That “self-making” attitude does not endear him to other Kikuyu MPs in TangaTanga. They avoid him totally when strategizing on anything. Why? Because even before the strategy is fully baked, Kuria will be already in the streets blabbering with it as his original idea.
That may explain why he is where he is at the moment.

Njoroge Wa Ngugi adds:

If you want to know why MK is not trusted in the political circles , ask yourself who leaked
1. Musando assasination
2.Miguna Miguna drugging before escorting the subdued dude
3. The pangani 6 details after confinement
Yet he was ALLEGEDLY part of the inner circle

George Gitau says:

The MtKenya Tangatanga MPS are after Ruto’s cash handouts. The churches are also after his money. Nothing genuine about this Ruto thing in Central Kenya because the ordinary citizen in the region is getting nothing from this Tangatanga contraption. Hot air? Billionaires like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg spend a significant portion of their wealth on charity instead of handouts, to help those who need it most. Giving handouts to isolated citizens for political attention doesn’t go far in empowerment of communities.


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