Why is Uhuru Undertaking Mega Projects at The tail End of His Tenure? Handing Over to Raila?

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By Andrew Muiga

The writing is on the wall. No the writing is on the projects he is undertaking, mau mau road, BRT in Nairobi etc.
Why is Uhuru undertaking such mega projects at the tail end of his tenure some that can only be completed by the next government? It means Uhuru does not plan to handover to any Tom, Dick or Harry. He needs someone who will continue his legacy. You don’t just handover the presidency to a prodigal son “knowingly”, yes that’s what a responsible president does, treat the presidency like an inheritance. After we complete the journey in 2022, we need someone to continue with the journey on the same footing. And Uhuru will be around keeping watch.

The ball is on your court oh patriotic citizen. You either demonstrate the ability and intention to choose the right leader in 2022 (you have performed dismally in the past on that) failure to which you will make the president force his hand on it.
Someone had to say it.

Jerome Ogola adds:

Early to bed and early to rise, long ago, made people healthy and wealthy and wise

Sadly, matters have changed. Does the earliest bird catch any worm?

Not in Kenya. The worm belongs not to the earliest bird, neither does it belong to the luckiest bird

The Kenyan worm belongs to the most corrupt bird, regardless of the time she wakes up or even if he chooses to sleep the whole day

Nonetheless, it is still worthy to sleep early and wake up early to gain the remaining two benefits, health and wisdom after all wealth has been grabbed by the corrupt

Didn’t I tell you in Kenya 10% of the population control 90% of the nation’s weath/resources and political power? As the remaining 90% fight tooth and nail to retain this status quo!

Let us wake up early enough to beat the marabou stork and other fellow scavengers to the hooves and other marginal parts, inedible by human beings, at room temperature, at the abattoir

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