‘You lost support in Mt Kenya because of your arrogance, you will get 10% only’ – DP Ruto told

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By Soyinka Lempaa

In 2017 and 2018, Deputy President William Kipchirchir was very popular in Mt Kenya region. He made a total of 141 visits in Mt Kenya. This was either for burials, churches harambees and launching ghost projects.

He also made other nights visits that are unaccounted for. He poured imaginary money in Mt Kenya for churches. Then, he was not giving to mtu wa salon and car wash money as he had other fora to appear generous. By this time he enjoyed almost 90% Jubilee support
Then came the handshake and Ruto and his supporters went bersack. They knew that Raila had come to put the knife at the things that held Jubilee together. The knife cut sharply and it was no longer at ease in Jubilee. Uhuru castigated Ruto for “Kutangatanga” which means wasting time by loitering !

Ruto and co tried to make this a rallying call. They bragged how they are equal partners in Jubilee. The altercation in Jubilee reached the highest crescendo within months. Uhuru chooses an Akorino event to dress down Ruto and his Mt Kenya followers in Kikuyu.
At one time Ruto is overhead bragging that he runs the government giving a picture of a lame duck president who has taken to the bottle for incompetence. They rattled the snake. Ruto henchmen lost all plumb positions they occupied.

Come end of 2019, Ruto support in Mt Kenya plumatted from 90% to 60%. To date 2 years one month to election 25 months to go Ruto support in Mt Kenya is at 40%. The type of development and propaganda that will be in Mt Kenya in the next 25 months will be enough to have the support as low as 10%

As we have said before, Ruto requires to lose only 10% of jubilee support and his goose is cooked. With 90% and a slightly lower voter turn out of less then 80% in Mt Kenya region Ruto will be to close to it yet to far. He must start consulting Baba on how to lose meat from the mouth.

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