Bongo’s Harmo Rappa Finds Himself a Stunning Mzungu Wife (Photo)

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The heart always wants what it wants and after years of living as a single man; rapper Harmo rappa has bagged himself a beautiful wife.

The excited rapper shared the good news through his social media pages; giving hope to the wifeless young men who had already given up on settling down.

 This comes months after the rapper disappeared from social media and rumor had it that his label dumped him as he was no longer releasing sensible music.

Come back
With no music label tying him down, Harmo rappa managed to spot a lady who now plays the role of his wife; and from the photo shared on social media it appears he has since mastered the art of staying stylish and flawless.

Well this is after fans realized that for his wedding, both the bride and groom wore make up; however judging from Harmo’s face beat, I guess it’s time he demanded for a refund as no justice was done!

 His alleged wife on the other hand made a beautiful bride, her smile and heena not only completed her look; but brought out her beauty making Harmo one of the most envied men in Bongo!

Harmo rappa following into Harmonize’s footsteps
Since Harmo rapper ‘sort of’ looks like Harmonize, word has it that he idolizes Konde boy in many ways. After settling down with a Caucasian lady, Harmo also decided to do the same but unfortunately he could only bag an Arab woman.

Sooner or later we might also hear that the newly weds are expecting their first child; but hey, it’s show biz!

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