“Cheating is The Worst Form of Disrespect!” Jalang’os Advice to Married Couples

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Jalang’o is human. Yes he has made his mistakes and learn from them. Just a few months ago he was exposed for cheating on his wife (water under the bridge) and since then the radio presenter has not only been serving us some good wisdom.

Well at his age the radio presenter has been using his life experiences to help youths who take pride in cheating on their partners. Speaking to Kamene Goro on Monday, 17 August Jaang’o for the first time admitted that cheating on a partner is a low move.

No you don’t get patted on the back for it nor rewarded unless for cheating – unless the mother in law has a hand in it! No?


Anyway, according to Jalang’o sticking to one partner will help in many ways including saving money. I mean two women means double the effort ‘money wise; while having extra men means more mileage for women…if you know, you know!

 Marry your best friend
Spoken like a true elder, Jalang’o went on to share his opinion on partners who cheat during his show on Kiss Fm. He went on to say;

Marry your companion. Cheating is the worst form of disrespect to any man or woman. Cheating in marriage is the lowest you can go.

He went on to add that despite many wanting to hate on the cheating partner; it is also important to understand that there are reasons that lead to cheating. Not to justify reasons for cheating but Jalang’o went on to urge married people to identify where the problem is and fix it; instead of jumping from one partner to another!

Jalang’o with wife, Amina Chao appears together in public
But what people should understand is that there is always a reason why people cheat. Understanding why people cheat is one way to identify a solution and fix it.

His advice could be true since he is speaking from experience; but when a patient starts treating other patients, we can’t help but ask questions.

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