Covid19 UPDATE: It is crunch time, stand up and be counted

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Today I am angry. Angry at employers; bureaucrats and profiteers who love wealth; money & power more than life. In May I lost a young friend to Coronavirus. Last month, two members of my family & three close friends were in quarantine/self isolation. One is a paramedic. Now as we speak, 3 more close friends have tested positive. All these people were exposed at their workplace; in government offices & private sector. Why, because employment is considered the third most important thing in the life of a Kenyan, after God & parents.

Employers know this, 99.99% are taking advantage and forcing all their staff to be at work, in total disregard for the MoH guidelines on Covid19. Most bureaucrats in government are heartless lazy minds. Employers in private sector are ruthless profiteers. Both categories have no regard or respect for human life or employee’s Labour rights. Add Human Resources managers who all seem to be heartless fellows with an obsessive compulsive disorder in the mix & you have the perfect recipe for disaster.

Media Houses, Banks, a few Parastatals & public Institutions of higher learning are the most notorious in breaching Covid19 guidelines & exposing staff to Covid19. Somebody please ask the CS Health why people have to work in conditions which expose them to Coronavirus. We are losing productive people unnecessarily. #RIPDrKenOuko

NB: At a personal level, I have twice resigned from employment when I thought heartless bureaucrats & HR managers with OCD had become a risk to my health. I advise everyone who values life to do so. Covid is killing people. You can get another job, occupation or hustle but not another life.

Peter Ambuka adds:
That is what happens when a government that does not have a strategy of combating the pandemic is praised by its sycophants for insulting church ministers, using a useless curfew as an excuse to brutalize its citizens and issuing threats n the name of daily COVID-19 updates. It is too late now. A third of medical personnel are already infected not to mention most of our civil servants. Anyway as the Nation Media house told us, “The Church is the weak link.”

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