Diamond’s Relative, Juma Lokole Mocks Zari and Akothee’s Failed Friendship, Says He Saw it Coming!

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Juma Lokole is not only a close relative of Diamond Platnumz; but the life of the party and this why despite being a gossip monger, he still has thousands following him on social media.

Apart from just being friends with Diamond Platnumz family; Lokole is said to be the one doing all the damage control for the Bongo singer and believe it or not, you cannot win an argument when it comes to the alleged gay guy.

Anyway his latest post happens to be dedicated to Zari Hassan and Akothee who are now said to have unfollowed each other on social media. After months of being friends – to a point of fighting each others battles on social media; Zari and Akothee are no longer friends.

Longtime BFFs, Akothee and Zari Hassan unfollow each other on social media
Laughs off
As seen on Lokole’s page, turns out that he already saw this coming and as always waited to see how long the friendship would last.

Through his social media pages, Lokole went on to post saying;

Hayaaaaaa tenaaaaaaaaa ushoga uyogaaaaaa uku kumekuchaa 😂😂😂😂😂nilijuwa tu miamba miwili idumu zizini thubutu 😂😂😂mie napenda

Juma Lokole mocks both Zari and Akothee

According to Lokole both ladies are bosses and would never bow down to each other; and for this reason their friendship would never last – and just like a prophecy this has finally come true.

Fans on social media however continue to question what would have led to the breakup; or did the social distancing push them apart? Well who knows, but truth is….Lokole definitely had a point this time around!

And Akothee and Zari will not be sharing a crown for the sake of friendship!

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