Governor Sonko coils tail, apologizes to Uhuru and offers to support NMS General Badi

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Beleaguered Nairobi Governor H E Mike Sonko was forced to eat a humble pie on Wednesday, he made a direct apology to Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) Director-General Mohamed Badi over his recent outbursts that targeted the army general.

Sonko apologoized at an event held at KICC that was presided by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“I want to say I have heard the President’s message and as the Governor I agree that Nairobi is ore important than politicians. I want to say sorry to my brother Badi for all the bad things I have said about the General and I promise to work with him so that we can deliver development to the people of Nairobi,” Sonko said.
President Uhuru told governor Sonko to stop playing politics at the expense of Nairobi residents and should instead work together with the NMS Director General to serve the residents.

Speaking during celebrations to mark International Youth Day in Nairobi on Wednesday, the President insisted that the two leaders embrace unity for the purpose of service delivery.

Uhuru who is said to enjoy cordial and personal relationship with Governor Sonko seemed to be keen to help Sonko complete his term as a lame duck governor instead of hounding him out Waititu style.

Sonko and General Badi have traded accusations publicly and also fueled tension at the County Assembly that saw speaker Beatrice Elachi resign.

Two weeks ago, Badi downplayed Sonko’s move to withdraw from the agreement that saw NMS take control of key operations of the city.

He said he was not concerned by Sonko’s move insisting that NMS would continue delivering on its mandate as assigned by the President.

Badi welcomed the truce saying he did not have any ill feelings against the Governor and that he was willing and committed to working with Sonko for the benefit of Nairobi benefits.

“I want to thank the Governor because we have resolved the differences between NMS and the Governor’s team. We will work together towards ensuing that Nairobi residents get services close to them,” Badi said.

President Uhuru, in his speech, warned Nairobi leaders against politicizing service delivery.

The President also praised Badi’s NMS team which he credited for transforming delivery of certain delivery services, particularly in the slums.

“I want to congratulate NMS for their work in the past two months they have done more than 200 boreholes in the slums and we have more projects to ensure our people get free water and a clean environment with a functioning sewerage system.”
“This is why I want these two (Badi and Sonko) to work together. Sonko, stop playing politics. The General has no interest in your seat or that of any MCA. He is my General and when he finishes this work I will send him back to KDF to continue defending Kenyans,” President Uhuru said.
The development came out only a day after Sonko attacked Badi referring to him as “Sadam Hussein” in reference to the assassinated Iraqi dictator.

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