I can’t wait for the ‘Raila vs Ruto’ duel, will be spectacular, let the SYSTEM keep off, Baba will thrash worth competitor by 9am

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Photo: Former pemier Raila Odinga with Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa at a past event. Even without campaign Baba enjoys 60% of Western Kenya vote, he is a great great grand son of King Nabongo of Wanga kingdom.

I will not VOTE this gladiator, purely because Raila is contesting. Nothing more! Of course, you all know mimi ni Raila hadi kwa susu.
However, there are lots of things I greatly adore in Ruto. He is affable, proactive, and extremely sharp-witted even though, he is also rambunctious(kiherehere).

Ruto is a very worthy opponent way better than forgetful lackadaisical Musalia and confused corrupt Kalonzo rolled in one then tied with a rope made of that publicity-obsessed musician- wannabe governor.

But what touched me more recently is how Ruto handled the family below. He is starting a 500 hybrid chicken farm for them, complete with feeds for 4 months; to afford the parents a sustainable source of income.

These two kids, from a very deprived background, were captured by a shopkeeper arguing over how to spend Ksh. 10 between buying two pencils and or a pencil and a rubber in a viral video. The shopkeeper went the extra mile to incur a 10bob loss to give each a pencil and a rubber.
Very moving, reminds me of life those daaaaaays men. When every coin counted. Ruto is also sorting the shopkeeper.

If only there was a way we could disqualify all these donkeys, the title pretenders, the ONE PERCENTERS, and only have Raila and Ruto face-off in 2022!

Reminds me of that race in Ghana where Nana Addo faced off with Atta Mills for the presidency.
Ruto you are a very very very worthy opponent.
Good job. Congratulations

By Onyango Ochieng’ Jnr via Facebook

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