“I was given my last chance,” Uhuru’s niece Nana Gecaga opens up on tough battle with alcoholism (Video)

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Nana Gecaga, Uhuru Kenyatta’s niece has had her fair share of battle with alcohol addiction and the party life.

Born into royalty, a dear Nana studied for a better time overseas, going into a culture not familiar with her, adopting a different lifestyle and struggling to fit in a society that believed Africans are a minority.

Kenyan businesswoman and corporate executive, Nana Gecaga
In as much as she was forced to contain her sanity in alcoholism during her stay abroad, the now businesswoman actually started her party life while in Kenya, before America came into picture.

Sharing finer details of her journey with her good friend MC Jessy, the KICC CEO recalled;

“It all started here at Carnivore, JK’s as well. I was controlling the bar at a young age, partied a lot and lived life on the fast lane. I was checking into rehab at age 21. So by the time people were starting, I was checking out.

Nana Gecaga and MC Jessy

How it all started
None of it had anything to do with her affluent background, but a battle with personal issues which she needed to keep away from the public.

“I used alcohol to mask a lot of things that I wasn’t okay with. I started drinking to forget, to feel numb and before you know it, you’re going from a functional alcoholic to non-functional. When it hooks you, it hooks you. At age 21 while in rehab, I learnt alcohol addiction is a really selfish disease and that is what I was – selfish and a brat,” she narrated.

 The now mother of three boys had seen her family go through a lot because of her lifestyle and with the last chance left, Nana’s life changed for the better. She came back to her senses, realized her mistakes and that time was not on her side.

“I realized I put my family through some things and just thankful they were still able to believe in me enough for me to be able to fix my life. It wasn’t easy, it took my brother and sister’s intervention. I’ve gotten into accidents, I’ve crashed cars, and I’m lucky to be walking. Lucky I suffered no major damage,” Nana continued.

 Following her experience, one she doesn’t wish to see any young girl go through, a dear Nana is set to unveil her foundation come 2021 to empower girls to reach greater heights in society.

Additionally promising to start her own up-to standard rehab in Kenya for both male and female addicts, intending to give them a second chance at life as well.

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