Kamene Goro Sends Strong Warning to Edgar Obare’s Sources Following His Arrest (Video)

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Edgar Obare’s arrest last week stirred controversy and unrest in the local space, with a section glad that he was eventually going to learn his lesson.

While others were holding onto the hope that the investigation goes no further because they might be victims of the information that might be unearthed.

 He was finally set free on KSh 100,000 cash bail yesterday during his arraignment at the Kiambu Law Courts where he pleaded not guilty to the charges before him.

However, unknown to many is the fact that Edgar’s technical hardware was all confiscated with high chances of further investigations into the same, probably to find the “hide my identity” individuals who seek solace in Edgar Obare’s exposés.

Kamene Goro
Shedding light on the same, Kiss FM breakfast show host, Kamene Goro warned Kenyans not to celebrate just yet because what is cooking in the oven is just about to be served hot.

First, that Edgar might bag himself at least 10 years behind bars and second, that “hide my identity” individuals might finally have their identities disclosed.

It’s just a lesson. The case goes ahead but two things: what he has been charged with could get him 10 years locked up. Secondly, hawa watu wakuanikana, his laptop, his gadgets, all of the staff that he uses to mulika people, have been confiscated by the court and the police.

The senders of all these controversial info that has been doing its rounds on Edgar’s Insta stories might find themselves in hot soup.

And they’re going to investigate, what it is that this guy receives, where it is it is received from and who sent it. So nyi wasee mnaanikana mnasema, please hide my identity, I want you to know, we shall know your identity! All of that will come out!

Jalang’o who as definitely in the building could only raise his hands up high and gasp with shock, lest you forget, he has been a victim of these Edgar Obare’s exposés.

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