Ladies Beware: Big Talk, Big Money and then Big Fraud

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 Ladies Beware: Big Talk, Big Money and then Big Fraud!

Photo: Ex Citizen TV news anchor Jaqque Maribe (left) and his fiance Irungu (right), both were suspects in the Monica Kimani murder case.

DO met BA in a business meeting. BA was impressed by DO’s knowledge of what he called “new investment frontiers”; off-plan real estate projects, exclusive & exotic holiday homes. The two exchanged contacts & met for lunch after a month. They each other and begun talking & exchanging romantic notes via social media; Telegram, WhatsApp & Facebook. What BA did not know then was that DO was winding up a stale relationship with his girlfriend cum business partner.

BA who is in her mid 30s, was recovering from a heartbreak and found solace in DO who had all the right words to encourage her. DO was a busy man, always travelling for business; meeting clients, government officials & influential people involved in his real estate venture. He always dressed smart in latest outfits & drove state of the art automobiles. Due to his tight schedule DO hardly spent time in his house, an apartment at a famous address in Nairobi. BA remembers visiting the apartment less than 5 times during their dating. DO spent a lot of time in BA’s house whenever he was in the city.

In under 6 months they got engaged and in the 2nd year of dating got married. BA was already heavy with child by then. During the third trimester, she developed complications and her doctor recommended bed rest. Her interior design & boutique business was a sole proprietorship & her absence was affecting operations. She consulted her BFF GM who advised her to introduce DO as a partner to the staff and a signatory to the bank. Everything was going on well and GM kept her updated on sales.

1 year after the birth of their child, DO started spending a lot of time outside Nairobi and floated an idea that it was wiser for him to relocate to another town where he was managing a housing development project. BA reluctantly agreed and DO eventually relocated. A few months later BA realized that her best friend GM was rarely in the city over weekends and if she was, she was always tired. The two hardly met. In mid 2019, an unknown number sent BA pictures of DO & GM lying on a beach in swimsuits, attending Church and in a park riding a white sports car.

In early 2020, BA was alerted by her bank that she was late in servicing her loan of Ksh. 3.2 million. DO blocked BA’s calls and texts after she sought an explanation. The two have not been in communication or contact since late last year. DO’s family has accused BA of defaming and attempting to bewitch their son. She now wants their marriage dissolved and doesn’t want to claim anything from DO.

NB: Family Law practice is traumatizing to everybody involved.

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