Professor Hamo Launches New Show Combining Music, Comedy

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Professor Hamo, real name Herman Kago, is set to host a brand new show dubbed 'Rush Hour' on Hot 96 every Sunday night alongside Tamasha Band.

The comedian and media personality, who also hosts the morning show on Hot 96 alongside Jeff Koinange, spoke to Kenyans.co.ke on Sunday, August 16 revealing details of the new production.

It will be the only show on radio in Kenya to have a live band in studio; with live music a big part of the show along with comedic relief.

Hamo further disclosed that he would invite guests on the show, including celebrities and well-known figures in different fields, for various conversations.

"It will also be like a hangout. It will be a space to humanize people. So, for example, I can invite a politician but we won't discuss politics.
"Or I can invite a musician but we don't necessarily discuss music, instead we talk about everyday issues that are relatable," he stated.
The blend of comedy and music is nothing new to Hamo and played a big part in charming fans as he rose in the stand-up comedy world.

He noted that he hoped the introduction of a live band on radio would help in growing a culture of appreciation for live music in the country.

"With a lot of our artists, you find that they are averse to live performances where they are actually backed by a band. So that is also something we want to change," he stated.

He went on to note that he had a long history with Tamasha Band, which is a group that began in Nakuru town and established itself through regular local shows. Kago was a key figure in the group as a vocalist and comedian before he became a regular on Churchill Show.

Tamasha's shows in Nakuru grew popular partly because of the chances they to offered upcoming acts in music and comedy to showcase their talents at the events.
Kago revealed that the name of the show, Rush Hour, was derived from a show the band used to host in Nakuru parking lots.

"Rush Hour was a one hour show which we did in parking lots. It would have a lot of music, jokes and everybody would have a good time," he stated.

The new Hot 96 show was slated to begin on Sunday, August 16 and will air weekly from 7-9 p.m.
Hot 96 radio show hosts Jeff Koinange (right) with Professor Hamo in the Hot 96 studios

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