Raila Breaks Silence on the Arrest of 3 Senators

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Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga on Tuesday issued a statement condemning the dramatic arrest of three Senators.

The ODM party leader termed the event as an indicator that the struggle for democracy is not yet over.

"The events surrounding the arrest of senators yesterday, just like the acrimonious stalemate that has seen the Senate disagree a record nine times on sharing of revenue among counties stand as stark reminders that our struggle for a democratic state is far from finished," his statement read in part.

He further accused State organs of orchestrating an attack on democracy.

"It was absolutely unnecessary o turn the debate on sharing of revenue among counties into a contest between losers and gainers, pastoralists and agriculturalists, regions and tribes. It was equally unnecessary to make revenue sharing a contest of might between the security organs and legislators.

"The State needs to pull back and abandon actions that take away the gains made on our path to democratization," the statement read.

Ruto speaks out

Deputy President William Ruto also issued a similar statement accusing police of being used to intimidate politicians.

"The abuse of police and criminal justice to bully citizens, threaten and intimidate leaders and now blackmail senate is wrong," the DP stated.

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