‘She Belongs to the Streets!’ Kenyans React to Video Showing Timmy Tdat Touching Vixen’s Private Parts

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Timmy Tdat and a video vixen identified as Quinter have left fans on social media talking  thanks to a video showing the two engaging in a nasty act in-front of their people.

The two who are believed to have been shooting an upcoming video seem to have been on heat; and for some reason forgot that other people were watching.

 As seen on the video Timmy Tdat goes ahead to touch Quinter Nimo’s private part; and since she was wearing nothing but a bikini, the lass appeared to enjoy whatever was going – don’t get me wrong, but come on!

Quinter Nimo, Video vixen who let Timmy Tdat explore her private part in front of people
Fans throw shade

The video making rounds on social media has sparked a heated debate as Kenyans on social media shame the lass for acting cheap; not my words but theirs!

Quinter Nimo’s actions have proved rumors claiming most video vixen prefer sex and little cash as payment could be true! And the sad part is that the lass cares less about what people think of her!

Timmy TdatThirsty Timmy Tdat

With such a reputation, we are not sure which artists will want to have her onboard; meaning might have ended as soon as it started.

Ezekiel Mutua whose known to critic such content has however not addressed the issue; but chances are that the video might be banned! Anyway, as for now Quinter Nimo can enjoy the fame before it gets sour.

As for Timmy Tdat, oh well we are used to his behavior and honestly we can’t wait to meet his daughter in future!

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