Singer Nandy Caught on Camera Practicing Devil Worship Rituals (Photo)

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Kivuruge hitmaker singer Nandy has left many  of her fans asking questions on social media.

This is after a photo showing the stunning singer wearing a red scarf on her head; another scarf tied on her upper body and lastly a black wrapper on her lower body!

She also appears to be carrying 3 quads with both hands, but truth is the photo screams ‘witchcraft’ from all angles which leaves us wondering what could have been going on.

Is it a movie? Song? Or just the reality of things for most artists looking for quick successful?

Nandy accused of practicing black magic

Fans on the other hand continue to express the shock they went through after coming across the shocking photo showing the singer at the Shrine.

Judging from how serious and committed she appears to be; one would easily conclude that Nandy’s success and wealth have been highly contributed by dark powers of black magic.

We also can’t confirm anything for now since she also happens to be an actress; meaning the photo could have been taken on set – but common!

Nandy on the other hand has not addressed anything concerning the photo. But I’m pretty sure her team will definitely come up with a good explanation to back the singer up; before her career is washed down the drain!

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