Singer Shilole Reveals Main Reason she Dumped Her Young Husband, Uchebe

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Tanzanian singer Shilole recently had a heart to heart interview with Clouds Digital where she opened up about a few things that led to her failed marriage.

Speaking for the first time, Shilole went on to describe her ex husband as a violent young man. According to her the fella apparently has too much pride and can never accept when he is wrong. So what happened?

Well apparently Shilole found out about her husband mistress and the new born they had recently welcomed. Just like any other woman would, she went on to ask about the rumors which seem to have angered Uchebe. Shishi says things got out of hand after she confronted him about the affair – which had now led to a child being born.

However throughout the whole time Shilole says her young bae kept ignoring her as he played his PS; seeing he wasn’t interested in having a mature conversation, Shishi says she then headed to the bedroom where he later followed her.

Apparently the whole time he was quit; the fella had been had plotting on how to punish Shilole for getting involved in his affairs; and this how she ended up with the bruises on her face as seen on the viral photos shared online.

 The lady opens up barely 2 months after they called it quits; however her interview seems to have attracted criticism from fellow women. As seen on the comment section, most went on to advise Shilole to keep her private affairs off social media next time – because at the end of the day her marriage remains sacred!


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