Speeding Lorry Loses Control, Crashes into Multiple Cars on Magadi Road [VIDEO]

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A speeding lorry was on Friday, August 14, caught on camera as it lost control and crashed into multiple vehicles along Magadi Road.

In the video footage that emerged online, the crash occurred around midday when another lorry sought to reverse on the road.

Road users on the lane slowed down and went around the lorry which was conducting a potentially dangerous manoeuvre.

A private car noticing that the lorry was reversing, slowed to a complete stop to allow for the heavy vehicle to exit the road.

In a matter of seconds a lorry which was speeding down the road, was unable to stop in time as the driver tried to swerve away from the road and later veered to the other lane to avoid hitting the car which had stopped.

Unfortunately, the driver of the out-of-control lorry did not clear enough as he still rammed into the private car which slammed into the rear of the reversing lorry.
He thereafter hit a vehicle on the other lane as it overturned in the process.

From the clip, the occupants of the vehicle were seen steeping out the vehicle, clearly shocked by the accident.

Those onboard the lorry were seen running for their lives in the melee.

after the dust had settled, onlookers ran to the aid of the occupants of the vehicles involved in the crash.

Watch the video of the crash below:

Under the highway code guidelines by National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), it is advisable to give notice to other drivers if you are disrupting the flow of traffic including putting signs with considerable distance for warning other road users.

Drivers should also use recommended speeds on highways, making sure they account for any factors that may affect their speed and reaction in case of an obstruction.

According to a 2010 report by the World Health Organisation (WHO), between 3,000 and 13,000 Kenyans lose their lives in road traffic crashes every year.

The WHO Global Status Report on Road Safety noted that a majority of these people are vulnerable road users - pedestrians, motorcyclists, and cyclists. In addition, nearly one-third of deaths are among passengers - many of whom are killed in unsafe forms of public transportation.

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