Strong Genes! New Photo of Baby Naseeb Proves That He is Indeed His Father’s Son

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Baby Naseeb Junior is back on social media months after Tanasha Donna changed his account to host her Tanasha Donna foundation.

Of Course Tanzanians did not take this lightly as they bashed the 23 year old for being selfish even with her son’s account. Some promised to unfollow (yes they did) while others held on hoping the account would be reactivated by mama NJ.

 Well, the cool baby Enzo as they now refer to him has grown into a fine young man and thanks to the latest photo shared on NJ’s page; we can’t help but admire how adorable he has since become.

Like father like son
Judging from Neelan and Dylan’s looks we can all agree that they got a few features from their daddy, Diamond Platnumz; however baby Naseeb Junior seems to have taken after his daddy and the new photo will leave you freaked out.

 Well, Naseeb Junior is undeniably handsome and in this case the small version of Diamond Platnumz. If you recall well Mama Dangote once revealed that they nicknamed NJ ‘Tom kaka’ is because he looks everything like Diamond Platnumz as a kid.

Judging from the recent photo it’s evident that indeed NJ is not only his father’s look alike; but also happens to be Mama Dangote’s favourite grandchild!

However with the small family issues the Dangote’s have been having with Tanasha Donna; NJ rarely gets to see his Tanzanian family like before. Rumor has it that he now stays with his mum’s aunty in Mombasa since it’s easier for Tanasha to spend time with both her boyfriend and son.

Anyway checkout the new photo below! Doesn’t he look amazing?

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