Whatever President Magufuli Smokes, Whatever he Feeds Tanzanians Must Be so Strong, Uhuru Needs it

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This old man was so so impressed with President John Pombe Magufuli’s performance, that immediately he arrived in Somanga from Mkapa’s burial in Lupaso; JPM took a stop to interact with denizens. As usual, he asked ” Nani ako na kero”. The old man raised his hand, given Mic he extolled JPM’s economic miracle transforming TZ in every facet, then he took a deep breath, and said “Rais niko na jogoo nyumbani. Nakuletea, umpelekee mamako mzazi, ni shukrani nampea kwa kuzaa kiongozi shujaa mwenye maono kama wewe”. He then left, dashed to his home, and came holding the Jogoo. Ok, JPM gave him Tz. Sh. 100K (about 5K) in appreciation.

Kuku oyeeeeeee…..Somanga Oyeeeeeee!
If only I could meet Lissu of Chadema, Prof. Lipumba of CUF, or Benard Membe of ACT; I would personally advise them to channel their party resources into vying for MP & MCAs, than wasting it competing JPM. That way, they will have the numbers. The presidency is not a beauty peagent, or eating competition! Its a game of numbers and JPM may even get 95% owing to his record which speaks louder for him.

Sometimes, friends, you lose nothing in giving away your weakness to focus on your strengths like Malema is doing in SA. Check their swelling numbers. In fact, in the next election, it’s estimated that Malema’s party will win between 80-100 seats to become the official leader of the opposition.
This is the same advice I would give Musalia and Kalonzo. Musalia has no single governor in Luhyialand, he wants to be president. He has 16 MPs in a parliament of over 400 MPs. Same with “Messed-Up” Musyoka.

As for JPM, he is only reaping what he sowed. He has high approval rating in TZ, than Obama had in the USA after his first term. Whatever he feeds his people, we definitely need it here in Kenya.

By Onyango Ochieng Jr. via FB

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