Zari Hassan’s Latest Move Proves she is Seriously Threatened by Hamisa Mobetto (Photo)

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Zari Hassan has been maintaining a low profile for a while now; but everytime she wants to make a statement on social media, the beautiful mother of 5 always chooses to attack Hamisa Mobetto.

So far Zari has referred to Hamisa Mobetto as a cheap woman (because 0f the earrings left on her bed) and just a few weeks ago, Zari once again attacked Hamisa Mobetto by calling her a witch!

This is because Hamisa was said to be using black magic on Diamond Platnumz who ended up impregnating her; while still involved with Zari. I mean yes, it must have hurt but wasn’t that 3 years ago? Well, I can not speak for the two parties but chances are, Zari blames Hamisa for ruining her relationship with Diamond.

Well,turns out that Zari still see’s Hamisa Mobetto as a witch. The boss lady publicly went on to leave a comment warning mama Dangote who had been sharing many photos of Tiffah on her birthday. She went on leave a comment on one of the photos saying;

Zari throwing shade at Hamisa?
Umezidi, subiri urogwe

Although Zari did not name any names; it wouldn’t team a team of scientists to figure out that she was throwing shade at Mobetto. Not sure why but analyzing the situation it’s evident that Zari could be threatened by a younger version of herself.

I mean both ladies have the same taste in men and prefer making money than depending on a man; and lastly, both are single mums looking out for their kids! Well, I would have expected Hamisa to be jealous of Tanasha – but clearly these two have different goals in life which explains why there is no competition between them!

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