Chris Kirubi "Young Men Take Note, Marriage is a Prison"

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Chris Kirubi made some statements recently that your local church pastor probably found incendiary but when you think about it, then you realize he was speaking from a position of wisdom. You see, according to DJ CK, marriage is a prison.

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There are a lot of reasons why he would hold that position and there are many reasons why someone would hold an opposing position but ultimately, I am of the opinion that societal norms have sold it to most people that they have to get married and they walk down the aisle without any forethought given to just why they are committing the rest of their life to partner up with another person whose upbringing differed from their own and all this due to “emotions”.

Chris Kirubi said the following about marriage:

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“Marriage is enslavement. You have to be careful. You have to agree to go into slavery, to go to a jail but not to go in, taste it and get out. No. It is a permanent affair. If you want to get rich, marry and good Kenyan woman. If she is not noise-making, she will make you money. You are jailed for life. If you are lucky to get a good wife, God will have blessed you. If you are not lucky, you will regret it. Marriage doesn’t become complicated as long as you appreciate being in jail.”

 And it is at this point that we have to examine his words for me to tell you why I agree. You see, Chris is a captain of industry and he is a divorcee so one would have to wonder whether his marriage soured him to the idea of the entire institution. Perhaps but his failure would mean what he has to say is doubly as heavy.

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Marriage, as it has evolved, is now an institution that forces a man and a woman to live together long beyond they have any utility in each other’s lives. You see, it makes sense when it comes to raising children. A man should first focus on chasing his mission. Make a decision on how it is you want to make a dent in the world and pursue it with all your energy. A man should learn to make himself the focal point of his mental origin. He needs to understand that the thoughts within his count need to be about putting himself in the first place.

Before any man begins to think about marriage, he needs to first have his life, his thoughts, his physique in check. He needs to be doing well as an individual. The main reason for this is to ensure that he isn’t trying to get married out of a scarcity mindset. He isn’t locking himself into a marriage simply to gain intimacy with women. The marriage will be something he is approaching from a place of contentment. This allows him to steer clear of all the drama desperation opens us upto.

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