Diamond Platnumz VIDEO ‘Cheche’ Featuring Zuchu Deleted From YouTube...Is Tanasha Dona involved?

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Diamond Platnumz video featuring Zuchu ‘Cheche’ was recently pulled down following a copyright strike by Tony Anthony. This however comes just a few days after Tanasha and management called out Diamond Platnumz for copying lyrics from hit song, Radio.

Not quite sure why the alleged Tony Anthony pulled this move on Simba; but pretty soon we might find out judging from how confident the Wasafi management sounds. Speaking about the video being pulled down; one Kim Kayndo went on to say;

Zuchu’s video deleted

“Niko naishugulikia muda huu, maana hiyo ni fake strike; ambapo unapata kuna mtu tu anaissue a fake strike copyright strike. Inavyokuwa YouTube wanamsikiliza huyo mdai and in the meantime wanaizui video; so wakisikiliza upande wa pili ndo wanatoa maamuzi. But is a fake copyright strike ambayo nashughulikia na muda sio mrefu video itarudi tu…ingekuwa ni legit ungeona labda a certain Copyright society …lakini ukiona ni Tony Anthiny kwa hiivyo ni mtu tu kamua kuipiga strike system”

Tanasha and management behind this?

Before Cheche was pulled down, the song had managed to attract 2.5 million views on YouTube; and was already trending in both Kenya and Tanzania.

This was however after Tanasha’s management started complaining about her lyrics getting copied by her baby daddy and ‘sister’ Zuchu.

However this being Diamond Platnumz song…chances are that this song will be reuploaded!

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