DP Ruto’s Hypocrisy Exposed, he is the Worst Tribalist and Cartel of all top Politicians

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Yesterday, Ruto talked about Tribalism and Tribalism…. He is now preaching inclusion..

But when he was sharing power with Uhuru, he was given a chance to select 9 Cabinet Secretaries… 5 of them were Kalenjins, and 4 others were his business associates in deal cutting like Kazungu Kambi a former YK92 top strategist…. Achesa, a Std 6 Dropout… In PS Positions, he packed all key Ministries with Kalenjins…. When it came to influential CEOs he packed every strategic Parastal with Kalenjins.. Right from Kenya Power to Kenya Pipeline…..

I know several Ambassadors that Ruto sacked because they had Luo sounding names… He hates Luos with pure passion… Several Luhyias with names starting with O were sacked by Ruto…..

In Ruai Ruto displaced over 1,000 Luos who were settled in the Ruai land by Ochok.. It was said that he went full throttle to evict the guys who had settled in Ruai in 2014 mainly because they were Luos

Then all of a sudden.. Ruto is preaching about Tribalism. All of a sudden, Ruto is preaching about inclusiveness……

All of a sudden, Ruto wants to come to Kisumu and demonstrate his “love” for Luos…

My Fren, raundi hii hakuna kucheazea watu akili…….


George Omuok: While Ruto doesn’t hide his hatred for luos,his hatred for kiuks is even more yet hidden.he just wants to use them to ascend to power before unleashing his hidden claws.

It’s like he wants to finish what he began in 2007.

Oduor Wuod Ogenge: I have so many friends who were in KPLC before elections and were all shown the door one by one. By 2017, most employees of KPLC were kalenjins. Same scenario to KVDA, NCPB,KPC etc. I’d rather Ruto just comes out with a manifesto and economic blueprint Kenyans have a look as opposed to tribalism talk because he knows the seeds he has planted for 7years!

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